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祝福人:徐佩仪,澳大利亚贸易委员会 / 澳大利亚驻上海总领事馆商务处教育领事
Time flies!I still remember our first meeting back in 2003 when you and your team visited Adelaide…
This is truly a special occasion to commemorate and congratulate the well-deserved success of A&A.  It goes without saying that A&A has grown over the 15 years to become a market leader in China but more importantly, the company has garnered the strong professional respect and trust from the Australian education providers.  This is a testament of the professionalism, dedication and incredible hard works of your team under your ably leadership!
We look forward to seeing in the years to come the continuous success of A&A and working closer with you in furthering the Australian education promotion in China.
这的确是一个值得纪念和庆祝的时刻, 不仅仅因为AA留学经过15年的发展,已经成为中国市场的领导者,更重要的是,在您的英明领导下, AA留学团队以其专业度、奉献精神与超乎想象的努力,赢得了澳大利亚教育机构的一致尊敬与信任。
 ——澳大利亚贸易委员会 / 澳大利亚驻上海总领事馆商务处教育领事 徐佩仪 
祝福人:Prof. Ian Chubb, Vice Chancellor, The Australian National University
The Australian National University is proud of our association with A&A International over the past years. Congratulations to Emmie and her team for their superb effort and contribution to our success in offering the range of exciting ANU programs to students from China.
——澳大利亚国立大学 校长 Ian Chubb 教授

祝福人:澳大利亚国立大学国际部 总监 Iain Watt       国际部副总监 Jerome Ho
On behalf of The Australian National University, we would like to warmly congratulate A & A International Education on reaching the significant milestone of 15 years of operations in the Chinese student recruitment sector.
As a foundation representative partner of ANU, you and the entire A & A team have been a significant driving force behind the University’s growth and expansion in the China market. Your energetic and dedicated commitment to our recruitment efforts in Shanghai and China have enabled us to grow our enrolments of high-quality undergraduate and postgraduate enrolments, making China our top international student market for a number of years.
We would like to make particular note of our appreciation for your considered understanding of the unique qualities and benefits of an ANU education, and careful promotion of Canberra as a study destination, which over the years have been instrumental in helping us to maintain a solid pipeline of academically highly-achieving students into the University.
In A & A’s 15th anniversary year, we commend you on your successes and re-affirm our commitment to continuing to work with you in the years to come, supporting you and your operations in the China market.
Congratulations to the entire A & A team! We are proud to be your partner. 
——澳大利亚国立大学国际部 总监 Iain Watt       国际部副总监 Jerome Ho

祝福人:Jerome Ho,澳大利亚国立大学国际部副总监
The ANU and A&A have had extensive collaboration over the last ten years, and it is my honor and privilege to wish Emmie and her team the very best in the next ten years.
在过去十年中,澳大利亚国立大学与AA留学 一直保持着广泛的合作。在AA留学成立十周年之际,我十分荣幸地向Emmie及她的团队送去最美好的祝愿,祝福他们在下一个十年里一切顺利。
——澳大利亚国立大学国际部副总监Jerome Ho
Glen McIntyre, Senior Regional Manager, International Market Development of the University of Melbourne
Since 2002, A & A International Education has provided prospective international students to the University of Melbourne with quality educational advice, assisting these students to achieve their goals through education. The University has high expectations of its representatives and A & A International Education has been carefully selected by the University based upon their experience in assisting and counseling students.

——墨尔本大学 国际部资深区域经理 Glen McIntyre
祝福人: Aleksandr Voninski Director - UNSW International
The University of New South Wales congratulates A&A International Education on 10 years of success. A&A has had a meteoric rise from a small boutique agency, to one of the leading education agents in all of China in a short period of time. A&A is not just a partner of UNSW - they are a good friend, and we whole-heartedly congratulate Emmie He and her dynamic team on their brilliant success. UNSW wishes A&A another 10 years of outstanding success. Congratulations!
AA留学在很短时间内已经从一家规模不大的代理公司成长为在中国处于领先地位的留学代理机构。 AA留学不仅是新南威尔士大学的合作伙伴,也是我们的朋友。我们对Emmie和她充满活力的团队所取得的成功表示衷心祝贺,并衷心祝愿AA留学能够取得下一个10年的成功。
——新南威尔士大学 国际部总监 Aleksandr Voninski
祝福人: Lee Henshaw Country Manager - China | International Recruitment and Marketing , The University of Queensland
The University of Queensland would like to congratulate A&A on 10 successful years of international student recruitment. Many Chinese students have commenced study and graduated from The University of Queensland and as a key partner in Shanghai , A&A have played an integral part in many of those students securing their future.
——昆士兰大学 国际招生部 中国区经理 Lee Henshaw
Professor John E. Taplin, Pro Vice-Chancellor (International), Adelaide University
Dear Emmie, my colleagues and I are most impressed by the comprehensive, professional service that you and your staff provide to young people and their parents regarding potential study options overseas, and at the University of Adelaide in particular. If I am in Shanghai on a SATurday later in the year, I would be very pleased to make a short presentation and to conduct a counseling session for your clients on the range of academic programs that we have to offer here at this University.
亲爱的Emmie,你和你的员工为学生及其家长提供的全面、专业的海外学习计划(尤其是在阿得雷德大学)给我和我的同僚留下了相当深刻的印象。如果不久之后我来到上海,我将非常乐意在你们著名的 “ 相约每周六 ” 讲座上就阿得雷德大学所提供的各项课程为学生做一个详细的介绍。
——阿得雷德大学 副校长 John E. Taplin 教授
John Molony, Director, International Programs, Macquarie University
Macquarie University ~ Sydney has an excellent reputation and strong brand position in China including in the leading commercial centre of Shanghai . In terms of connecting with our potential students in China , Macquarie International works in close association with a small number of in-country representatives. We demand that these partners uphold the values and integrity of the University.
A&A International Education is such a partner. Your company's business practices are of a high ethical and professional standard and Macquarie International places great value on the relationship.
Macquarie International looks forward to working with A&A International Education in the years to come.
——麦考瑞大学 国际项目总监 John Molony
祝福人: Scott Sheppard , Deputy Vice-Chancellor, International and Development Queensland University of Technology
On behalf of the Queensland University of Technology, I would like to extend our congratulations to A&A on its 10th anniversary.
I would also like to acknowledge A&A for its contribution and support to QUT over the past years, especially your personal contribution in establishing and operation A&A along with your drive and enthusiasm for this industry.
The exemplary service provided to Chinese students and parents by the staff at A&A is professional and consistent, and greatly appreciated by QUT International management and staff.
QUT values A&A's continuing support and we look forward to a long and prosperous mutually beneficial relationship.
I wish A&A continued success.
——昆士兰科技大学 国际发展部 副校长 Scott Sheppard
Professor Duncan Bentley, Dean of the Faculty of Law, Bond University
I have been most impressed by the warmth of the A&A staff in dealing with both students and faculty. This, combined with the depth of their knowledge and experience, places them in an excellent position to counsel students wishing to study in Australia .
——邦德大学 法学院 院长 Duncan Bentley 教授
祝福人: Brett Walker General Manager International Bond University
I would like to congratulation A&A International Education & Multi-culture Centre on it ' s 10th Anniversary! This is an important milestone on A&A ' s journey with its students and partners.
I have known and worked with A&A since early 2005 and know them to be very professional, efficient and innovative in their support of students and institutions.
Lead by Ms Emmie Hur, A&A are Bond's China ‘partner' and Representative Office in China .
Best wishes for the future!
——邦德大学 国际部总经理 Brett Walker
祝福人:Professor Roger Dean, Vice-Chancellor, University of Canberra
I was impressed by A&A's facilities, procedures and commitment during a recent visit to Shanghai . UC has worked with A&A for some time and is looking forward to further enhancing the cooperation.
在最近一次的上海访问中, A&A Education International
的设施、工作流程以及对于学生的优质服务给我留下了极其深刻的印象。堪培拉大学和 A&A Education International 已经合作了好几年,我们希望在将来能够与她们建立更加紧密地合作关系。
——堪培拉大学 副校长 Roger Dean 教授
祝福人:Bev Hudson, Executive Director, Deakin International, Deakin University
Deakin University has been working with A&A International for close to 3 years and it has proved to be a successful and enduring relationship. This is due in no small part to the entrepreneurial nature of Emmie Hur and the professionalism of her staff. It is fair to say that Emmie and the Team at A&A International are one of the most efficient and client-focused offices in the student recruitment business. Deakin University looks forward to building a stronger profile for its excellent teaching and research in China and a A&A International will be a key partner in this effort".
迪肯大学和AA留学保持紧密合作关系已经有三年多了,事实证明,我们双方都获得了巨大的成功。这很大程度上要归功于 Emmie 天生的企业家天赋以及其整个团队的专业素养。称赞Emmie和她的团队是整个市场上最高效和以客户为中心、服务最好的公司毫不为过。迪肯大学期望在中国市场上为其出色的教学和研究建立更好的市场形象,而AA留学这样的机构将成为迪肯大学在中国市场上最重要的合作伙伴。
——迪肯大学 国际办公室 执行理事 Bev Hudson
祝福人:Lan Yi-Chen,澳大利亚西悉尼大学 副校长、国际部主任
On behalf of UWS International, I would like to congratulate A&A's 15 year achievement and service in the international education industry.
We look forward to working closer with you to provide outstanding services to students for their study abroad journey.
I would also like to wish you a happy and prosperous Year of the Snake.
 ——西悉尼大学 副校长、国际部主任 Lan Yi-Chen

祝福人:Elizabeth Webber,澳大利亚新南威尔士政府教育局 国际学生司 中学部经理
Congratulations on 15 years and what a great success story it has been!! It is certainly due to your strong leadership and the dedicated staff at A&A!
I first met you in 1999 (I think) and it was possibly in 2000 that I did the first seminar with A&A in Shanghai. You and all the staff at A&A have always been wonderful to work with and a very professional organization!
Best wishes to you and all the staff at A&A !!
——新南威尔士政府教育局 国际学生司 中学部经理 Elizabeth Webber

祝福人: Mark Howland, Director International Students Centre NSW Department of Education and Training (schools) 00588m
The NSW Department of Education and Training is very proud of its association with A&A over the past 10 years and it has proved to be a very successful and enduring relationship.
A&A is a highly professional and ethical education service company. Ms Emmie Hur and her team are extremely knowledgeable and experienced in providing comprehensive advice to young people and their parents on options for studying overseas. The growth and success of A&A is a testament to the quality of service and professionalism of Ms Hur and all the staff at A&A.
I congratulate A&A on its 10th Anniversary and look forward to many more years of partnership with A&A.
AA留学是一家具有很高专业度的留学服务机构,Emmie和她的团队以极其丰富的专业知识和经验为学生和家长在留学的选择上提供广泛的意见。AA留学的成长和成功证明了 Emmie 和所有AA留学员工的高质量服务以及他们的专业素养。
——新南威尔士州 国际学生中心总经理 Mark Howland
祝福人: Rod Jones , CEO, Navitas Ltd
Navitas wishes to congratulate A&A on their 10th anniversary and for their unwavering dedication to providing outstanding support and academic advice to international students.
A&A has proven to be an education agency who continues to put the needs of their students at the forefront. The commitment towards their students takes place from the moment the student walks through the door making that first enquiry, until they complete their program.
Not only does A&A support their students, but they also support their partners and I believe the support we have received from A&A, has allowed our university pathway programs to gain a foot hold within China .
We look forward to continuing our partnership with A&A for many years to come.

AA留学长久以来致力于为国际学生提供出色的留学咨询和服务支持, Navitas 对AA留学的十周年庆表示衷心的祝贺。
——澳大利亚 NAVITAS 教育 集团 首席执行官 Rod Jones
祝福人: Chris Gould,纳维教育集团中国区总监
On behalf of Navitas, congratulations on 15 years!
Navitas is very proud to be your partner in Australia and in China, too. Thanks for all YOUR support over the years, and we look forward to another 15 years….. 
——澳大利亚 NAVITAS 教育 集团 中国区总监 Chris Gould
祝福人: Tony Cullen, Group General Manager Marketing, Navitas Ltd
Congratulations to Emmie Hur and her hardworking team on reaching the milestone of 10 years in the international education sector. Your continued commitment to providing students with an unbiased and professional service has allowed A&A to gain a highly regarded reputation in China .
Since 2002, I have had the privilege of working with A&A and have continued to be impressed by the professionalism of their counselors and their dedication in putting the needs of their students first and being able to counsel and match students to the most suitable program.
I look forward to continuing our successful and trusted partnership for many years come and wish A&A continued success in all their business endeavours.
衷心的祝贺 Emmie 和她的团队在国际教育领域走过了10 年,取得了这样一个里程碑式的成功。AA留学为学生持续提供的客观公正的专业服务已经在中国获得了很高的盛誉。
——澳大利亚 NAVITAS 教育 集团 市场部总经理 Tony Cullen
Alan Marshall, Chief Executive, Bradford College at Adelaide University
A&A has been an agent for Bradford College for the past two years. They recruit the very best students academically and their back up service is unquestionably the best.
阿德雷德大学布拉福德学院 行政总裁 Alan Marshall
Sandra Woolacott, Manager, International Education Unit
The success of A&A's efforts is reflected in the high proportion of successful visa application they achieve and the excellent school results that students sponsored by A&A receive in their university entrance programs. More than 90% of A&A students who have applied to enter Australian universities have been successful and 5 students have received scholarships to study at The Australian National University and the University of New South Wales .
If you want your child to study in a safe and supportive environment with very few distractions, if you want to be in close contact with your child and his or her teachers all the time and if you want to your child to have the greatest chance of gaining entrance to university I urge you to use the services of A&A and to send your child to study in Canberra.. You will be delighted with the excellent service you will receive.

——堪培拉地区政府教育局 前国际教育部经理 Sandra Woolacott
祝福人: Heather Paterson ,澳大利亚堪培拉教育局国际学生处经理
I send my warmest wishes to A&A and the team, for their wonderful work with the ACT Department of Education over the last ten years. Chinese students have been coming to us from A&A, and the quality and professionalism of the work to us from A&A is outstanding. And now A&A is recognized as one of the best agents in China , and they are certainly our best agent in China . We'd like to send our warmest regards to you, Emmie, and your wonderful team who works very hard with us to give the students the absolutely best service we can provide. We will still look after A&A students as if they are our own children, and we wish you all the very best. We'd love to continue working with you for many many more years to come.
我们将送上最诚挚的祝福给你,Emmie ,以及你出色的、努力为学生提供最好服务的团队。我们将一如既往地像呵护我们自己的孩子一样去照顾AA留学
——堪培拉教育局 前国际学生处经理 Heather Paterson
Judith Vincent, Director International Students Centre, New South Wales Department of Education and Training
NSW Department of Education and Training has been working with A&A International for the past 5 years. A &A have shown themselves to be a highly professional organization, committed to providing a quality client service to the students and their families. The staff at A&A are well qualified, knowledgeable about the Australian education system and experienced in admission and visa processing for Australia . We congratulate A &A on their anniversary and wish them the best for the future.
——新南威尔士政府教育局 国际学生中心主任 Judith Vincent
Nicole Brigg, General Manager, Education Queensland International
A&A is one of the most professional operations I have dealt with in China . Their understanding of the importance of consistent and high quality services, and after sales care, is still relatively unique in China . It is really a pleasure to work with Emmie and the team.
AA留学是我在中国接触过的最专业的留学咨询服务机构之一。他们对于客户优质的服务以及后续关怀可以说是目前全中国独一无二的。能够与 Emmie 和她优秀的团队一起共事真是令人感到非常愉快。
——昆士兰州政府教育局 国际办公室 总经理 Nicole Brigg
Hon. Paula Wriedt, Minister for Education, Tasmania , Australia
I would like to acknowledge the important role that A&A International Education plays in the Tasmanian Government international education program. We are proud of the exceptional quality and high level of individual student support provided in our government schools. Our overseas agencies are selected on their ability to match this quality and service for international students. We are happy with the expertise and professional standards that A&A International has consistently demonstrated and look forward to a continuing successful relationship.
——塔斯马尼亚州政府教育局 教育部长 Hon. Paula Wriedt
Heather Marmur, Director of Admissions & Marketing, Carey Baptist Grammar School
Emmie and A&A have been working together with Carey for several years now and in this time we have always received professional and prompt assistance. The students selected for our School have been academically strong, hard working and happy members of our community.
As the representing Agent for Carey in China , Emmie has provided that crucial link between school and home and assisted the parents with language difficulties and preparation of documents. She communicates with the parents on our behalf as well, for instance if there are concerns about the student, or in issuing transcripts.
Emmie Hur and A&A International Education provide excellent representation of Carey to families considering the School and in the care of students selected to attend.
Emmie 和AA留学已经和凯瑞文法学校合作多年,并一直为我们提供专业及时的协助。通过 A&A 的帮助,我们招收到了很多优秀的学生,他们学习努力,在我们这里生活得很开心。
作为凯瑞文法学校在中国地区的代理, Emmie 及其团队在学校和学生家庭中间起着至关重要的纽带作用,不仅帮助家长克服语言障碍和学校进行有效沟通,也为他们处理繁复的各类文书材料。同时,她也代表我们和家长保持联系,比如传递学生信息及成绩单等。
Emmie 和AA留学为选择凯瑞文法学校的学生和家长提供了最优质的服务。
——墨尔本凯瑞文法学校 入学与市场部经理 Heather Marmur
Mrs Mandy Coxon , Trinity Grammar School
Trinity Grammar School , Kew is delighted to have been associated with Emmie Hur and her very able team, for the past few years. Trinity has benefited from a very effective working relationship with A & A. Their reputable and efficient recruitment service has ensured the enrolment of very successful students at our School.
墨尔本崔尼迪文法学校对于在过去几年能和 Emmie 及其团队的合作感到非常的愉快。崔尼迪文法学校从AA留学高效的工作中获益良多。AA留学高效、专业的招生服务保证了我们学校能够获得非常优质的生源。
——墨尔本崔尼迪文法学校 Mandy Coxon 女士
June Brice, Registrar, International Admissions, Toorak College
Your careful attention to the difficult documentation required to arrange visas for international students to study in Australia is much appreciated by Toorak College and I know our students speak highly of the preparation they receive from you for their entry to Australian education. This enables them to settle much more quickly and efficiently.
I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the care and effort you and your staff put into the selection of the students you send to us. Continue the good work! I am most pleased with the excellent students you have sent to us – the quality is very apparent.
我对于你们全体员工在为我们学校招生中所做的努力表示万分感谢。希望你们能够一如既往、再接再厉!我非常满意你们为我们输送的学生 —— 他们在各方面的高素质是显而易见的。
——图拉克学院 国际入学部 前注册主任 June Brice
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